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 About the F.S.H.C. & Frequently Asked Questions. 
We have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions to try and answer most of your questions, however if you feel that these do not answer your question please feel free to send us a private message by clicking here.
What is the F.S.H.C.?
The F.S.H.C. is .a virtual Shire Horse Club that brings all people involved with Shire Horses together and share information.
Is the F.S.H.C. an official Breed Club?
No, the F.S.H..C. is not an Official Breed Club, it is just a Virtual Club made up of it's members around the world sharing information and photographs
I am a breeder, can I announce foals on the Forum?
No, the Forum is not to be used for announcing foals. Your message will be removed and further access to the Website will be restricted to Read Only.
How do I become a registered Breeder?
By buying an entry in the Breeder Directory. Please contact us by sending a private message for further information.
Someone has left a message on the Forum looking for a shire, I am a breeder and but I not listed in the Directory, can I reply to the message?
No, you can / should not. This will be unfair on the Breeders who do support this Website. If you do want to respond please contact me first so we can arrange a Directory Listing.
. I would like to sell my Shire Horse. I have tack for sale, I would like to sell my horsebox, sadlle etc ?
. We will be creating a Classified Section very shortly where you can advertise your Shire Horses and associated items.
Am I allowed to sell or promote anything on the Forums?
No, you are not allowed to sell or promote anything on the Forums. If you wish to sell or promote something this will be at the discretion of the Site Owner. Any unauthorised articles will be deleted without notice and your account will be suspended.

If you have problems registring you can contact me by e-mail: paul at andringa dot co dot uk
(Of course you replace the at for @ and dot with a .)